The 2021 Jeep Cherokee is classified as a compact SUV. The Cherokee is compared with the likes of the compact crossovers, such as Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. The good thing about Cherokee is that it is a great long road trip vehicle and yet ideal for in-town travels. Unsurprisingly, the Cherokee has a tough side to it. The Cherokee is closer to the wilderness vehicles like the Trailhawk version. 

2021 Jeep Cherokee in Monroe, NC

The Cherokee can take its owners to the far deeper part of the wild...continue reading

RAM trucks are a top breed of pickup trucks, living up to the expectations for years. By 2021, RAM 1500 has an interesting lineup of advanced features. Known for seamless air suspension, cargo bed bins, split-fold tailgate, plush interiors and more such features 2021 RAM 1500 is the best-in-class pickup truck on US roads.

RAM 1500 is available in trim levels RAM 1500 Tradesman, Rebel, Lonestar, Big Horn, and Laramie Longhorn. However, 2021 will reduce the edgy and rugged appearance and will add lavishness...continue reading

We are sure you all are aware of the basics involved in saving gas. But you would be surprised if we tell you there are lesser-known ways to save money when buying gas.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

You can check out online sites that sell discounted gift cards, which you can use at certain gas stations in Monroe, NC. For instance, you can get a gift card worth $80 but pay only $75 for it. This means you will get gas worth $5 for free!

Time Your Pump Visits

Avoid buying gas during the weekends. In anticipation...continue reading

Having issues with your vehicle battery? Do not panic! You can easily jump-start your vehicle on your own.

A jumpstart is also referred to as a boost. It is a technique of starting a car, which has a dead or discharged battery. You have to make a temporary connection to another vehicles battery to jumpstart your car.

Follow the steps listed below to jumpstart your car:

1. Get Jumper Cables

It makes sense to purchase some jumper cables and then store them in your cars trunk compartment. In case you do not have...continue reading

To check your vehicles brake fluids in Concord, you need to first locate the reservoir. The location will depend on the type of vehicle you possess. Youll find the brakes booster on the drivers side of the car, near the firewall. In front of the booster, is the brake fluid reservoir. It is sitting on top of and linked to the brake master cylinder. It resembles a plastic canister. In older vehicles, you wont find a plastic reservoir. However, the master cylinder will look like a small metal box with an attached...continue reading