Certified Pre-Owned Cars


    Certified Pre-Owned Cars 

    Certified pre-owned cars (CPO) are popular with people who want to reduce the risk of purchasing a vehicle that isn’t new. CPO cars generally cost more than non-certified alternatives because of specific advantages they have over those that aren't certified.

    Benefits of Certified Pre-Owned Cars

    • Criteria to Qualify
      CPO programs sponsored by auto manufacturers typically accept later models that have a clean history and low-mileage. Only those cars that meet specific criteria set by the manufacturer can become CPO vehicles.
    • Thorough Inspection and Reconditioning Procedures
      Cars go through a rigorous inspection process to ensure they meet the high standards of quality. Prior to certifying a car, the automaker's dealership will go through a detailed checklist. Although this list varies between car companies, it includes anywhere from 100 to 200 item checks. Primarily, all automakers focus on 4 key areas:
      1. Mechanicals
      2. Systems
      3. Appearance
      4. Records and paperwork

    The dealer then determines if the vehicle requires any parts replaced or reconditioned to meet the stringent standards set before they approve it to join the CPO program.

    • Low-Interest Finance Available 
      CPO cars can qualify for lower finance rates, especially if the buyer has a good credit history and credit scores. The interest rates offered can even be as good as those offered on new cars. The lower the interest, the lesser you have to pay for monthly installments.
    • Besides a Good Quality Car, You Also Get - 
       - Extension of the original vehicle warranty

                 - Free maintenance for a certain period and/or up-to a specific mileage
                 - Roadside Assistance for a specified duration
                 - Short-term subscriptions to certain services and satellite radio
                 - Exchange program within a certain time frame and mileage limits to guarantee satisfaction
                 - Vehicle history report
    (Both inspections and certification procedures differ between CPO programs)

    Buying a CPO car is a smart money-saving alternative to shelling out more. So if you’re researching your options of certified pre-owned cars in Indian Trail, get in touch with us at the dealership. Besides paying a great price for a car that looks like new, you can also be sure it will have a robust warranty and after-sales service as well.