Learn About 2020 Model Year Safety and Technology Terms

Learn About 2020 Model Year Safety and Technology Terms

Every Model Year (MY), we get ready for new technology and safety features that automobile manufacturers offer as standard or by default in their models. This year too, we expect to see some new features. Here’s a look at some 2020 model year safety and technology terms by Capital CJDR of Indian Trail that we hope to see in all MY 2020 vehicles.

Warning systems
Safer driving has been of major concerns of late, and new innovations that enhance safer driving will be standard in more cars. Others will have them available for installation. Some features we hope to see more of are collision mitigation systems that use radars to warn drivers when they are going too fast or too close to other vehicles. These systems will also be able to pre-charge the brakes with power for application and immediate action before a collision.

Camera systems
Of late, we have seen an increase in the addition of rear-view cameras as an optional available feature. Drivers find these especially useful when backing out of a parking lot. They alert the driver of objects and other vehicles that are directly behind or in the path of the vehicle. Cross path cameras can display a 180-degree view spanning the front and back of the car and alert drivers of cars pulling up on either side.

Night vision technology
Mercedes and BMW already offer night vision technology as an optional feature for their high-end models. Since this tool is tremendously expensive, we are sure it won’t become a standard feature overnight. But we might see an increasing number of manufacturers offering this capability as an optional feature for top-of-the-line trims.

Pedestrian detection
The pedestrian detection and warning system is quite a common feature made “available” by numerous automobile firms. We hope to see more MY2020 vehicles offering this feature on a standard basis.

Digital keys
Digital keys will allow owners to open and start their cars with their smartphones. The system can be programmed for up to four cars and has been launched by Hyundai. While this technology was only available on luxury brands like Hyundai’s Tesla, it will become increasingly mainstream in MY 2020.