Chrysler Kango Ride-Sharing for Kids

 Chrysler Kango Ride-Sharing

Chrysler Kango Ride-Sharing for Kids

As a parent, you will have to juggle commitments at home and work and also worry about your child. Parents are always vigilant about their child’s needs, and this includes their transportation requirements as well. Chrysler and Kango have teamed up to provide kids and parents with a one-of-a-kind service that is sure to make transport more relaxed than ever. For starters, Kango is a ride-sharing app that provides on-demand rides for children from preschool to high school. The app is a blessing in disguise for parents who are not always able to pick up their children from school on time.

Considering the success of this app amongst kids and parents, Chrysler has decided to partner with Kango by providing their Pacifica Hybrid minivans to Kango drivers on a lease basis. These vans will be leased to the Kango drivers at preferential rates.

The collaboration is unique because it is the first time that an automobile company and a family ride-sharing service are partnering up. Parents and children have given positive feedback to this new partnership, as it promotes safety and environmental stewardship. The Pacifica Minivan is ideal for child passengers and has been EPA-rated to be perfectly safe. The minivan provides 33 miles of electric-only range and 32 mpg in combined city/highway driving like a hybrid. Being an electric car, it also fulfills environmental duties and works for the cause of children, which is indeed commendable.

While some parents may not be open to using an app for their child’s transport needs, Kango has taken care of this aspect by making use of adequate safety measures. All the Kango drivers are subject to a background check, fingerprinted, DMV record-checked, and screen personally.

The company has over 250 screened and qualified drivers in their rooster. The Kango service is also the only service that is insured to drive children of all ages. The company meets child safety standards as they provide toddler-compatible and booster seats to those who need it for added reassurance. Parents can now remain worry-free knowing that their kids are safe and secured in the Pacifica Hybrid minivan. The companies are also looking to expand this collaboration beyond California soon.

Source: Chrysler