Conventional Oil and Synthetic Oil Change: What’s the Difference?

Most vehicles require an oil change at the 3,000 to the 5,000-mile mark. If you go too long without this service, the oil will change into sludge. This causes the metal components in the engine to scrape against one another, leading to more friction and higher engine operating temperatures. Many new cars have an in-built oil life expectancy system. It will automatically notify you when you require an oil change.

Conventional Oil or Synthetic Oil

When you do decide to opt for a vehicle service in Monroe, you’ll immediately come across different types of engine oils. These are typically synthetic or conventional oils.

Conventional Oil

In conventional oil, there are small amounts of wax, asphaltic, and sulfur material, which are by-products of the manufacturing process. These can affect your engine’s performance and even wear it out. Conventional motor oil freezes, making it unsuitable for places with severe winter weather.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic motor oil is chemically manufactured and therefore has no contaminants. This type of motor oil flows at a lower temperature, which is highly preferred during the winter season. The shape and size of the synthetic motor oil molecules are consistent, enabling them to deflect extreme temperatures. This is why it takes longer for synthetic oil to break down under extremely hot conditions compared to conventional oil. In addition, synthetic motor oils have extremely low viscosity, making them flow up to seven times faster. Having a low viscose motor oil helps the engine start-up faster, making it less likely to wear out.

Synthetic oils are available in semi-synthetic and completely synthetic blends. This makes synthetic oil ideal for frequent trips, stop-and-go city driving, and even towing. Most newer truck and car models prefer synthetic oil.

We recommend you consult your vehicle’s manual for the type of oil and frequency of oil change it requires.

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Source: Mopar