New Car vs. Certified Pre-Owned Car: Which is Better for You?

Finance pundits will advise you to buy a certified pre-owned car – saying it is your best option. They say that the cost involved is lower; the certified pre-owned used car comes with reduced insurance costs, and it will last you longer than a regular used car. There no doubts about the fact that certified pre-owned cars are a good option. However, before you make up your mind, take a look at these factors.

New Cars - Higher Cost

Even though a new car costs more, over the long term, it works out to be more affordable than you think. New cars are also more reliable and are backed by a warranty. Besides, a new car has a better resale value. You can drive it for seven years and still recoup fifty percent of the cost when you sell it. Insuring a new car is also less costly as compared to insuring a certified pre-owned car. Best of all, the smell of a new car is unbeatable.

Certified Pre-owned Cars - A Popular Option

Certified pre-owned cars are the preferred option among buyers who do not want to risk buying a regular used car. Certified pre-owned cars have the following benefits:

  • Limited warranty
  • Roadside assistance
  • Exchange one pre-owned car for another at an affordable price

However, certified pre-owned cars may often end up belying your expectations. They may develop issues, and perfection won’t be guaranteed. So, before opting for one, make sure it is genuine and understand what the warranty does and does not cover.


The bottom line is you should buy a new car if you love the new car smell, and you want a zero reading on the odometer. This option also works for people having financial stability to pay for a new car. A certified pre-owned car is a better option if you do not want your car’s value to depreciate significantly as soon as it is driven out of the dealership.

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