What is Trail Rated? | Capital CJDR of Indian Trail

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What is Trail Rated? | Capital CJDR of Indian Trail

When it comes to popular Jeep models, there’s one aspect that car buyers should know about. It’s the feature of being trail rated. Any new Jeep in Indian trail will come with a trail rated badge. But, in reality, the trail rated stamp on a Jeep model goes beyond a symbol. When a new Jeep in Indian trail is trail rated, it represents that confidence that the vehicle has to take up any road challenge. It is a diehard commitment of Jeep to allow drivers to test their limits and push right past the confines. The trail rated badge is earned, not given. Every trail rated 4x4 Jeep car has proved its mettle in grueling tests. Here are the five categories under which Jeep evaluates a vehicle:

• Water fording: Water fording is the ability of a vehicle to traverse bodies of water. With Jeep's Trail Rated capabilities, this becomes possible. Body openings and electrical connections are sealed tightly and place higher to enable drivers to pass through streams, overflowing creeks, and rainstorm puddles.

• Traction: All Jeep Trail Rated 4x4 vehicles like the new Jeep Wrangler or the new Jeep Compass have the friction required to deal with some of the most unpredictable and grinding driving conditions. Irrespective of the weather conditions and type of terrain, Trail Rated Jeep vehicles will always make their mark.

• Articulation: Jeep Trail Rated an adventurist’s best companion. But what about off-roading conditions? The articulation levels and suspension flexibility of these vehicles are higher, meaning they remained stable and engaged even when driven in heavy construction areas or over potholes. Passengers can expect a smooth ride even when one or more wheels are off the ground.

• Maneuverability: The Trail Rated Jeeps are known for their optimized wheelbases and precision power steering. The maneuverability of these vehicles is evident in emergency switchback situations. Veering around narrow gaps, dodging on-trail hurdles, and navigating around an accident scene safely becomes a duck soup for drivers with the advanced engineering of these vehicles.

• Ground clearance: Trail Rates Jeeps get an added touch of safety with their ample space between the terrain and their underside. There may come road conditions when drivers have to go over large rocks, boulders, and logs. The Trail Rated ground clearance of Jeep vehicle make them drivable in such situations. They come with the maximized approach, braking, and leaving angles, making them peerlessly capable in this segment.

Go for any of the 4x4 Trail Rated Jeep cars, and you will experience the best of on-road and off-road adventure. Even the new Jeep Wrangler and the new Jeep Compass have earned the Trail Rated badge. The vehicles have sincerely upheld the brands' philosophy, which is to push their cars to their extreme limits. Stop by Capital CDJR of Indian Trail in Monroe, NC today and test drive our fleet of Trail Rated vehicles!

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