Maintain Your Car Properly with this Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Regular car maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle in good condition. The schedule for your car’s maintenance will usually be mentioned in your owner’s manual. You can also visit an auto service for recommendations.

Here's a vehicle maintenance schedule that is usually recommended for all cars:

Oil Change

Most manufacturers recommend a change of engine oil every 3000 to 7000 miles. Engine oil gathers dust, dirt, and debris over time, which reduces its efficiency in keeping the engine and its parts lubricated. This can affect engine performance.

It is best to replace your engine oil filter during an oil change. Other components that need to be examined during a routine oil change include tires, car lights, windshield wipers and fluid level, coolant, transmission fluid level, and power steering fluid level.

Air Filter Replacement

The recommended distance for air filter change is usually for every 15, 000 miles. Components that need to examined for every 20,000 miles include coolant and car battery.

Other components that need to be examined for every 25,000 to 30,000 miles include radiator hoses, brake pads, suspension system, and HVAC system.

The fuel filter also needs to be examined and replaced if clogged.

Battery and Spark Plug Inspection

Car battery needs to be examined and replaced, if necessary, every 35,000 miles.

Spark plugs supply ignition to activate the engine. A problem in spark plugs can cause slow acceleration, and vehicle starting problems. Left ignored, spark plug issues can lead to poor fuel efficiency.

Spark plugs and their wires need to be replaced every 40,000 miles. Other components that need to be checked include suspension and ignition system.

The above components need to be examined again after 45,000 miles and once again after 50,000 miles.

Repeat Examination of Key Components

Some components need to be reexamined after 60,000 miles. These components include brake fluid and pads, tires, coolant, radiant hoses, HVAC system, suspension system, and power steering fluid.

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